Who is behind Beauty Blend Studio? An esthetician, trained makeup artist, mother who shares her home with six boys, wife, self proclaimed beauty hoarder, junk collector, editor and professional photo/ fashion stylist. I have been obsessed with beauty since I can remember.  The idea of playing with cosmetics and using your face as a canvas was alluring. My canvas has seen and felt many things; once slathered in pink frosted lipstick, lined in heavy charcoal liner, thick foundation, covered in acne, sunburns, fake tans, over plucked eyebrows, endless regimes promised to work, yet still my skin was reactive and unsettled. I spent my 20’s trying anything and abusing my skin. In my 30’s, I spent too much on beauty. I was enamored by smells, packaging, advertisements, and sales associates from high end cosmetic counters. Now, in my 40’s, I found myself drawn to products that are healthy, effective and straightforward.

Navigating the beauty industry can be tough;  the hype, advertisements and fake promises can be less than desirable.  Makeup and professional services should be enjoyable, relaxing and fun.  I decided to create a cohesive beauty line which hopefully reflects just that.  I met with manufacturers, artisans and consultants who helped me source, package, craft and create natural, affordable, skin loving products. My makeup and professional skincare services accent your natural beauty with education while not blowing your budget. Beauty in itself is letting yourself shine through; less is more.  Pure, Natural, Everyday.

XO~Shannon Elizabeth

Portfolio photo provided by Sebastien Bicard PhotographyPortfolio photo provided by Aaron Hulk PhotographyPortfolio photo provided by Marie Clark @ Permanent Glimpse Photography

In the News

Beauty Elizabeth: Pure, natural, everyday
Foothill Magazine
November 2016

Foothill Magazine, November 2016What started as an infatuation with all things beauty, has evolved into a lifelong dream come true for natural makeup expert, skincare specialist, and beauty mentor, Shannon Cornelsen-Lewandowski.

Cornelsen-Lewandowski’s first love was for fashion. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising or FIDM in Los Angeles. All the while, she still carried this crazy fascination with beauty.

“I guess you could say I was obsessed,” Cornelsen-Lewandowski said.

Soon after graduating, an internship at TEEN Magazine presented itself in 1996. Upon her first day working at the magazine, Cornelsen-Lewandowski was asked to work alongside one of the photographers. In her mind, she was anticipating a few simple tasks such as holding an extra light or camera lens. Little did she know, she was about to be given an opportunity that would mold her career. The task appointed to her was to arrange certain merchandise for the photographer to shoot in a way that would excite potential buyers.

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